Start your podcast with our affordable studio in the heart of Leiden

To start a podcast, you need to consider many aspects such as a suitable space and good equipment. We offer this affordable studio for businesses, organizations, and individuals who want to start a podcast.

Podcaststudio Leiden
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Pointiful Podcaststudio

€ 100 for a full day of recordings

For a starting podcastmaker you don't have a large budget. No worries, our studio is made for the podcastmaker who is just getting started or the ones who want to record some episodes. We explain how the systems work and give you a good start. All for a fixed fee for a full day of renting, till you are ready. No extra costs for possible overrun.


Our studio is cost-effective, allowing you to get the most out of your budget. We understand that budget is an important part of every podcast recording and we aim to provide you with the best value. You can also rent the studio as a pilot.

Centrally Located:

Our studio is conveniently located in the heart of Leiden, making it easy to reach and commute from anywhere. Additionally, you can use our visitor's permit to park next to the entrance for 1 euro per hour.

Good Equipment and Acoustics:

We offer a good selection of equipment, from microphones to mixers and an edit PC, so you can record your podcast in the highest possible quality. Moreover, our studio is soundproof from the outside, allowing you to record without interruptions or ambient noise.


  • 3 Microphones (RØDE Podmic)
  • Headphones (Devine Pro4000)
  • Professional edit PC with 3 screens
  • 2x KRK Monitors for editing or playing from Rodecaster
  • Devine MX-6 Mixing Console
  • WiFi
  • Coffee maker
  • Refrigerator


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